About creative psychedelic thinking and breaking free from the frames of society

Photo: Maja Brenna

Photo: Maja Brenna


Boundaries - Exploration - Liberation

My second solo project is called Psychedelic Fuzz and is inspired by a music genre called African Psychedelic Fuzz Funk. The psychedelic music occurred during the 60's hippie culture, when parts of society was desperate to detract from traditional norms and rules. Many subgenres came from psychedelic rock, like psychedelic soul, which further inspired psychedelic fuzz and funk. This later developed in to disco.

It is the West African and Nigerian fuzz funk that has engaged me, and that has been the starting point for the idea of this project. I also learnt during my research that the music has an interesting political history, like that the psychedelic genre flourished in Nigeria after the Biafra war, just as many counter-cultures have arisen after war and despair in different societies.

Psychedelic means to expand your consciousness, expand your senses and awareness. Much of the art and the music was created after the person had tested what different psychedelic drugs did with the senses. Some of the music was also made to enhance the effect of these drugs. I have no need to test anything myself, I can simply put the music on and let myself be seduced by it. It takes me into their world and inspires greatly. I want to take the audience into the same world, by seeing and hearing, and also by thinking.

The piece consists of both humor, madness, harmony and symbolism, and contains references to the history, which deals a lot with breaking creative and political boundaries, which I think is always relevant. A reviewer of our time described the 70's West African psychedelic fuzz funk as "..boldly experimental, bracingly contemporary and stridently political". These are good descriptive words that I have used in the development and execution of the project.

Psychedelic Fuzz - Recap

The dance piece is about 10 minuts long.  

The musical material I use in the piece is:
In the jungle (instrumental) - The Hygrades
Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Dahomey
Will of the people - T-fire

They are all available at iTunes and Spottify in collective albums alongside meny other very good African fuzzy funky songs. 

Psychedelic Fuzz is going to Oslo Jazz dance festival! I will develop the piece to fit a bigger space and also develop the content as I have developed as a dancer the last year. It will be performed at Scenehuset Majorstuen, the 23rd of june, 2019.

Psychedelic Fuzz had its premiere at an event called Vin&Valsen (the wine and waltz) at Kulturhuset in Oslo 03.03.18 during the music festival By:Larm. The event was arranged by Dansekollektivet.

If you think this project sounds / looks interesting, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or requests:


Kapittel X

(Chapter X)

Photo: The whale on the wall, Kampen, Oslo, Norway Photo by: Ingrid S. Nyhus

Photo: The whale on the wall, Kampen, Oslo, Norway
Photo by: Ingrid S. Nyhus


Freedom vs. confinement

It all started when I was working on an idea that involved street art in Oslo, summer 2016. I came across a whale painted on a wall on a building at beautiful Kampen in Oslo. This image really captured me, and creative ideas around this theme started to spin. At the same time a whale showed up in the news. A whale full of plastic bags in his stomach... Suddenly it was all clear to me; I had to create a piece creating attention around climate, plastic and how this effects the proud wildlife of the ocean.

Kapittel X is an approximately 10 minute dance performance, with music material by Mungolian Jetset and Ingrid S. Nyhus as the performing dance artist. The piece consists of a live performance combined with a (background) video. 

The project had its premiere at
the Passion for Ocean festival in Oslo, August 26th.

Har been performed at :
'En kveld på Scenehuset til inntekt for Amnesty International', 10.12.17.
'En kveld på Scenehuset til inntekt for WWF', 25.05.18.

You can watch the background video I have created here:

All rights reserved by Nyhus Utøvende Dansekunst/ Ingrid S. Nyhus. This is a background film, used it the dance performance "Kapittel X". Music: Mungolian Jetset // Mix by Ingrid S. Nyhus. Producer: Ingrid S. Nyhus. Co-producer: Jan-Christian Austad. Camera on set: Jan-Christian Austad. Film editing: Ingrid S. Nyhus. Dancer and choreographer: Ingrid S. Nyhus. Location: Kampen Park, Oslo, Norway. Thanks to Ola Nyhus for camera equipment and Oda L. U for support and involvement.

I have to say that I am very proud of my self for creating this video, having never edited anything like that before. I could never have done it without the help from my man, Jan-Christian Austad, who stood behind the camera on set, and has supported me all the way throughout this prosess.

A short recap of Kapittel X:
(performed at Scenehuset, Oslo, 25/05-18)

Recap Kapittel X

Music material: Mungolian Jetset
Location: Scenehuset, Majorstuen, Oslo, Norway
”En kveld på Scenehuset til innekt for WWF”

If you think this project sounds / looks interesting, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or requests: