A month of traveling, starting with a zen week in Berlin

The last week of July it was time for me to turn outwards again and head over to my favorite place; Kreuzberg, Berlin. I was attending a one weeks Ultima Vez workshop at Tanz Fabrik Berlin with Rob Hayden. Again I didn’t get the travle funding from FFUK (Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere) so I had worked double shifts throughout July to afford the long journey I was about to start. And I have to say, the second I stepped out of the air plain, my shoulders released and my head became lighter. After such a stressful month it was a pleasure knowing that all I needed to focus on the following week was my self getting to and from the workshop and my body moving and interacting with others in those many hot and sweaty hours in the studio. I totally released, for example I noticed my self walking really slow just breathing an takin in all impressions from my surroundings. 

Clearly the workshop it self was a big part of the reason behind the zen mode I found my self in over there. Not only because Rob himself is a very calm and collected human being, but also because of all the tasks we did. I had a beautiful week in Berlin at the Tanz Fabrik studio together with a range of different people, both in age and background, and I can absolutely recommend Ultima Ved workshops with Rob Hayden. You get many tasks for center stability, a lot of improvisation and challenging acting tasks, time flies an Rob gives the classes a flow of continuation that keeps you going for several hours every day without giving it a thought. In the clip below you get some glimts from the workshop, captured by Sanja Tošić.

Glimts of a five days Ultima Vez workshop with Rob Hayden. Captured by Sanja Tošić

My journey then continued from Berlin over to the east, to the exotic, big and intriguing capital of Ukraine; Kiev. Still traveling alone, I entered this journey a bit more thrilled, and at the same time nervous, not knowing quite what laid ahead… stay tuned, a post about my stay in Kiev is coming soon.

Fun under the rainbow! We didn’t get to the lake, but we found something else to chill us down.

Rob and Rob. Rob Hayden to the right and Rob the student to the left.

Beautiful sunset over Tempelhof.

Zen walks absorbing the atmosphere of Kreuzberg by the river.

The ladies and me. Beautiful humans attending the workshop.

The big and charming studio at Tanz-Fabrik Berlin

Met my lovely friend Cassandra, from the Bårdar academy in Norway, randomly in Berlin. Hadn’t seen each other in ages!

Met my lovely friend Cassandra, from the Bårdar academy in Norway, randomly in Berlin. Hadn’t seen each other in ages!