"En kveld på Scenehuset til inntekt for Amnesty International"


The night, December 10th, was finally here, Trofast, now called De Trofaste (the faithful ones), was performing at Scenehuset, near Majorstuen in Oslo. I was also lucky to get to perform Kapittel X as one of three solos at the same show. This was a show with free entrance, where the audience could choose to donate money to Amnesty International. More audience than we’d expected showed up, it was a great evening and we managed to collect 2500 NOK to give to Amnesty. Again I was overwhelmed by how many of my friends and family who showed up! I am so grateful for that 'cause it makes performing on stage a bit extra exciting, nerve wracking and fun, and it makes me happy to see that they care about what I’m doing.

Before December 10th, De Trofaste got to perform short versions of the piece at both Teatertreff 2017 and Mind the Gap 2017. At Mind the Gap the concept is to practice with a professional mentor who gives his/hers constructive thoughts on the project where it is in the process, the projects work on it as they please, and then perform the work in progress in front of an audience. Afterwards we all gather in a big circle and the projects get new feedback from their respective mentors and the audience in plenary. This, I think, was very useful to our group, many thoughts appeared and the piece changed quite dramatically during this process.

De Trofaste eventually became a 30 minute piece with a comical twist where R Kelly played a certain role throughout the whole thing, and the audience was conflicted as to when they could laugh or not. The if they could laugh or not- concept turned out to be both difficult and very interesting to work with, which I quite liked, and was one of the elements that caused a lot of big changes during the last part of the creative process. In the end the audience, it seemed, was digging it and found it both funny, weird and interesting which also sums up the whole experience working on this project. I have learned so much from the process and it will be exciting to see if and how Anette and Sunniva, the two girls running the project, will proceed in 2018. This piece was filmed, so hopefully I will be able to put together a little something to upload here.


Kapittel X opened the whole evening and this time the stage lay out was perfect! The projector was set hight up, on like a balcony, so that the whole back wall became the movie screen, and no shadows occurred when I danced in front of it. Unfortunately something happened with the videocamera/camera man, so I didn’t get it on tape.. but at least I have some photos of how it looked. I don’t know what next chapter for Chapter X will be right now, but it has been a great experience and I hope I get to perform it again some time. In the meanwhile I’ve started on my second solo project and I am super inspired! I will write more about that later :)