Photo: From solo performance at Baardar International (Baardar academy third year), fall 2015

Ingrid S. Nyhus is a contemporary dance artist, with a dance education from Baardar Academy and Baardar International in Oslo, Norway. Ingrid is born and raised in Norway, close to Oslo, and has been dancing since she was 6 years old.

The three year dance education ended spring 2016, and since then Ingrid has aspired to become the professional dance artist she always wanted to be.

I strive to push my limits and move out of my comfort sone, always seeking new experiences that will expand both my bodywork and my mindset.

I focus on contemporary and modern dance, and concentrate my training mainly around improvisational work, contemporary and modern dance, ballet and contemporary jazz. My experience in dance varies over a broad specter from modern and ballet, to hip hop, jazz ballet and musical theater. 

To be able to express different emotions and play with creative tasks and options are elements that makes dance fun and interesting, and to be able to capture an audience with body movement and expressions makes it such an intriguing and beautiful art form.

I am hungry, I am focused and I am ready for new challenges.

// Ingrid S. Nyhus